Angelsey part two…

Recently all I’ve been up to is walking across to Angelsey and back to Bangor, so I apologise for the lack of wildlife based photos. Once my camera is at Uni I’ll take that on adventures with me. As the week went on I’ve slowly ventured further and further around the island.

Monday-Walked across bridge and back

Thursday- Went between the bridges again and made the same mistake as before and wore the wrong shoes. Seeing as it had been raining before the walk I should of put more thought into footwear


Today- This morning I set off at 7:30 am with the aim to walk further along the coastal path around Anglesey (Didn’t quiet have a 14 mile walk in mind but oh well) The landmark which I ended up at was Llanedwen Parish Church. I then walked back along the roads to get back quicker as my feet were beginning to ache.



The best part of the walk was getting to the Menai bridge and looking at the pink sky from the sunrise. My phone doesn’t do the view justice and hopefully I’ll get up again with my camera to get better photos.

bridge-riseI then went along the normal route, which goes between the bridges. As I got to the second bridge the sun was starting to get up above the mountains and was shining bright.

This time I survived the walk without getting my feet too wet because I finally remembered to wear my walking boots! (unfortunately no photo of the state they got in)

From here the walk went round the coast and past the Nelson figure which stands along the straits. It was nice to get out and get away from the sound of cars etc. There was plenty of birds to see along this stretch of the walk and I wish I’d of got my camera with me.


I then took a few detours and ended up going across several fields of sheep trying to get from one gate to another on the footpath. I then wanted to walk back along the coast but couldn’t get back onto the path, so I ended up going back along the road. If I get a map it might make my wanders around the island a bit easier!


Through out the walk I got glimpses of the fresh snow on the mountains but couldn’t get a clear enough photo until I was almost back to the Menai Bridge. Every time I go past the layby with this sign in it I take a photo because it shows the labels of the mountains and the view at the same time.


The above photo was taken on the 19th of January, so it just goes to show how often the views change around North wales. Which is why I enjoy walking and going to uni here.

This weekend should involve going around different places to Anglesey and I should have my camera back!














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