The start of this week was pretty quite apart from Thursday when me and another flatmate wandered for 3 hours from Bangor across to Anglesey and walked along part of the Anglesey coastal path, which went from the Menai bridge to the Britannia bridge

imag3008Above is the sign that greeted us after crossing the Menai Bridge


Most of the walk consisted of dry terrain and pretty views, however one part was very boggy due to a stream which ran from the top of the field down to the bottom. I forgot that the walk wouldn’t all be along hard tracks etc and had just put on my normal pair of boots.


They kept my feet dry for longer than I thought they would but the walk back to Bangor with wet socks and muddy shoes wasn’t as pleasant as the walk across. Next time I’ll wear the walking boots!


Walking from one Bridge to another was interesting because you could judge how far you’d walked based on which bridge was getting bigger or smaller. By the time we’d got to the Britannia bridge the Menai bridge was a small line in the distance.






















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