Back to Wales


This week was the last week I was at home till March/April as I travelled back to wales on Sunday 😦  There have been many reasons why I failed to write this post on Sunday but travelling and the fact I had to revise for an exam which was Tuesday are part of the reason.

Final excuse… I left my camera card at home so cannot add any of the photos I took with my camera last week to this post (One day I’ll be better organized)

I didn’t get up to much wildlife based things as I didn’t have much time so I thought I’d use this post to write a bit about the blog etc

I decided to start a blog as it’s something I’ve never done before and I like a challenge, admittedly it’s not going very well so far but there’s room for improvement in everything.  The title of the blog, Wildlife Won’ Wait For You came about because my dad always said when I was taking photos of wildlife that they won’t hang about for me to get ready (most of the time this was true and the animal had wandered off before I’d got the camera focused)

Aside from the normal set up of using a DSLR, I have set up Stealth cameras around where I live, I like using them because they show behind the scenes of what go’s on around the countryside and shows things we would miss if we just went out walking.

Fox 2.jpg

Above is one of the cutest photos taken using the stealth camera in my opinion. Through the summer a few years ago (the date printed is incorrect as I always forget to reset it), there were a couple of cubs that would appear in front of the camera on various days. It was interesting to see that they knew that something in the area wasn’t quite how it should be.

In the summer when I’m back at home I hope to experiment with the Stealth cameras a bit more. There should be another blog post on its way next Sunday (22nd) providing I don’t forget again…



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