Busy but lazy


I started the second week of 2017 by going to Ickworth and walking around the grounds there. The walk was about 4 miles but I didn’t see much apart from a few friendly robins. Normally I’ve seen a herd of Fallow deer there.


On the Tuesday I went to London and wandered around St James Park. In the park there were a lot of species of geese wandering around, however I chose to focus on photographing the pigeons which seemed to be every few metres. The picture below isn’t the best of photos, but its quirky because the pigeon dropped from one step to another and I caught it mid drop. Unfortunately it wasn’t in focus. pidgeon


Wednesday- Friday were relatively lazy days

Whereas Saturday I headed off to a National Trust place – Wickham Fen. I chose one of the dullest days of the week to go…typical


This resulted in rather dull looking photos, so I will try to go back on a brighter day. I sat in Charlies hide which overlooked a body of water which was filled was ducks of all kinds; mallard and shoveler ducks mainly. The second hide I went and sat in was East Mere hide, this hide was the opposite of the first one. It over looked the reed bed and had smaller birds flittering about it in.

The end of the week/ today was finished off with a walk around where I live. About half way round my walk I went through a wood. I had seen signs of the red deer being about in the area again, however I was yet to see them for any length of time. Whereas this time as I wandered through the wood the two deer appeared and didn’t seem too concerned with my presence. The photo below is of one of the calves from last year and the mother was stood to the right of it.


The sun began to set as I was finishing off my walk and looking across a growing wheat field highlighted more than you would see normally. The sun revelled thousands of spider webs woven across the blades of wheat leaves.


Next week is my last week at home so hopefully I’ll fill some of the time getting out and about with my camera again…


























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