Rainy days


As normal the British weather doesn’t always fit in with plans. Todays plans were to go to Fen Drayton Lakes- when I got there it was pouring so much that  getting out the car was not worth it. So instead of posting and moaning about the lack of photos from such an unsuccessful day, I’ll share some of the recent photos I took last year.


The above photo was taken at Lackford lakes when I was home from University in October. The kingfisher flew around the pond for about ten minutes; landing on various branches. It would often land on this branch before diving down to get fish. Unfortunately it chose the wrong time to be in front of the hide, as there were about 5 of us clicking away at it with our cameras; little phased the bird though!


This photo was also taken during the same visit to Lackford lakes. The background of this photo helped make the kingfisher easier to spot and photograph. I always use manual focus when taking photos as auto focus always focuses on the wrong object in the frame. The down side to using manual focus is that I always think I have the subject in focus only to discover when I get back and put the photos on a laptop it could of been adjusted slightly. Therefore one of my goals this year is to make sure my photos are focused better!

Like most people I enjoy the challenge of photographing kingfishers and so far the above photos are my most successful. However I’m keen to get more photos of them and other wildlife this coming year. Hopefully I won’t become too busy to keep updating this blog  every week with adventures I’ve been up to and I’ll try to make it more interesting over the year.


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